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Mystery Babalon: The Bhaktic and Ecstatic Rites of Babalon

Mystery BabalonAt last, a book about Babalon that is actually a book of Magick! Mystery Babalon: the Bhaktic and Ecstatic Rites of Babalon is an incredibly ambitious book designed for both the life-long devotee and occasional practitioner. People of all types, preferences and persuasions will find useful tools here to help them in their quest for union with Babalon and Her energy. You may pursue a Bhaktic Path which is devotional and ritualistic in its nature, or you may pursue the Ecstatic Path which is sensual and carnal in its Rites. And of course many people pursue both paths, as the choice is yours according to your own Will.

Within these pages you will find sound information and practical guidance from a Priestess of Babalon who has practiced the Orphetic Mysteries for almost three decades. Learn how to set up your Shrine, how to prepare yourself for the Rites, and how to perform them. There are Rites for solo devotees, lovers or small and large groups. Everything has been put at your fingertips to get you started with the ways of Babalon, like no other book before it!

Hagia Aureavia has adapted these Rites for the general public from some of those used in her private Temple over the years. Designed for a broader uninitiated audience, these Rites have been made as non-denominational as possible so as to be appealing to people from all backgrounds and inclinations.

Within the pages of this large tome you will find five sections. Part 1 is Philosophy & Cosmology which focuses on expounding the ontology and teleology of Babalon and Her Allies, as well as the new (yet in actuality very ancient) philosophy which they divulge to mankind. Part 2 is Preparations for the Shrine and for the Rites. Here you will learn about the Offices, Roles and Pathways within the Shrine, how to arrange your sacred space to Babalon, and how to prepare yourself for the Rites. Finally, a Rite of Dedication is given to consecrate your Shrine to Babalon. Part 3 are the Invocations, Hymns, Adorations and Prayers which are used throughout the Rites within the book. This section alone will be a boon to many practicing priestesses and magicians as it lists valuable invocations for Babalon and the other gods, the Archangels, the Planets, the Elements and the Elementals, as well as the Zodiac. Many of these invocations are the same ones which have been used for decades within Templum Babalonis, each one inspired by direct contact with the spirits themselves.

Part 4 is the Bhaktic Rites of Babalon, which forms the beginning of the heart of the book. Here you will find a bevy of devotional Rites to perform within your Shrine. An explanation of the Devotional Path is given, as well as many daily and periodic devotions and dream-work rites. Next is the vaunted Rite of Devotion which is the main solo devotional rite, and the Rite of Convocation, which is similar but designed for small groups of two to three people. Finally, the Bhaktic Rites of Babalon is given, which is the centerpiece of the entire Bhaktic system. This grand rite is designed for larger groups and public gatherings for the people at large.

Given along with these Devotional Rites to Babalon are the optional Rites to Ra Hoor Khuit. These rites are for those who also feel a calling to the Brother of Babalon, who is the Lord of the Aeon. The daily Adorations of Ra Hoor Khuit are given along with the many Mudras given by the Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun, published here for the first time. And then there are the Devotional Rites of Ra Hoor Khuit, which are powerful rites utilizing both the Cakes of Light and the Cakes of Life. Finally, for those few brave women who aspire to be concubines to Ra Hoor Khuit as delineated in the third chapter of Liber Legis, there are the Blood Rites of Ra Hoor Khuit. These powerful rites utilize the body and menstrual blood of the Priestess in periodic worship and adoration of this great and terrible god, seeking to become worthy to be his concubine and servant.

Mystery Babalon: Saba KhandromaPart 5 is the Ecstatic Rites of Babalon, which forms the complimentary rites to the Bhaktic practices of the previous section. Here, the Balanced Ecstatic Path is explained. Here one is prepared for the incredible bliss of worshiping Babalon through the senses, with details given on how to avoid common pitfalls in the Persona under the influence of such powerful and life-altering energies. The Rite of Sappho is then given, for solo females to worship Babalon with all of their sensuality and lust. Then follows the Rite of Pan, which is for any solo male to express his sexual masculinity in worship and adoration of the Great Liberating Mother. Next one will find the Rite of the Twin Flame, for couples of any persuasion and orientation to worship Babalon together, utilizing all the pleasure and lust of the bodies. For those who wish to go further, there are the Rites of the Holy Whore, which train one to see the energy of Babalon in all people, and to learn to use that in their worship. Next are the grand Ecstatic Rites of Babalon, which are the centerpiece for group worship of Babalon through the sensuality and sexuality of all of the devotees present for the Rites. These Ecstatic Rites are perfect for private groups of people who wish to increase their intimacy with each other in a way which is dedicated to a higher purpose. Finally the Hieros Gamos to Babalon is given, for brave and loyal men of any persuasion who wish to dedicate themselves and their lives in service of the Great Liberating Mother, with all aspects of their being.

As if this wasn’t enough, the book is rounded out with the Appendices, which cover the world-wide Shrine System initiative, Ophidian Thelema and the Temple of Babalon, the Gematria of the Ophidian Kabbalah, as well as a large Glossary of Terms which defines many of the obscure words and concepts used within the text.

Mystery Babalon: the Bhaktic and Ecstatic Rites of Babalon is an ambitious book, distilling decades of knowledge and experience down to practical rites which anyone can use. Finally there is a reliable book which gives everything anyone could need to help them on their path of being a Devotee of the Goddess Babalon.

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